Communicating Doors at the Masquers Playhouse

29March02 - 04May02

The setting is an English hotel suite, very upscale, variously seen in 2022, 2002, and 1982. The room cannot change much because the transitions are very quick, using the device of a revolving communicating door, which doubles as the time-travel device. Another challenge was that most of the action that takes place in the bathroom happens when the door is closed, so we opted to create a break-away effect on the front wall of the suite's bathroom. The sunken circular area in the center provided a central focus and allowed for many levels for the players. Oh, yes, and two people had to fall off of the sixth floor balcony, one climbing back up.

The set came together very well (in the end). There were only minor spots of wet paint on stage at opening night's curtain, and no actual fatalities occured during the production process, though this was not an "easy birth".

I am VERY pleased with the wonderful help and support of many people. The critical praise, "... a special bravo for set designer Rob Bradshaw and the construction crew" belongs very much to those amazing friends and family who helped so much. I am very greatful for the help of all of you.

Linda Bradshaw (who dragged me into this, then never left my side - thanks, Mom!)

Marlin, Dick, John, Meabh, Niamh, Pat, Carl, Mary-Ellin, Aubrey, Heinz (and several others!)


Here's how it looked:

 CD Room 1






Here's a few movies (well, one at first).

 Panoramic View - Large File

Spinning Door

Balcony Effect

To view the movies you will need the Apple QuickTime Player