Cinderella at the Masquers Playhouse

28March2003 - 03May2003

John Hull and I worked together to design and build this one, and it was a real pleasure. The setting is exterior forrest, a cottage (very run down), and a very functional well (much falling into and climbing out of). We had a great deal of fun, John designing the Well and the Forrest backgrounds, and I designed the Cottage. I wound up doing the majority of the build, and Pat helped tremendously with the painting. We even had time to invent the perfect vodka-tonic (Skyy citrus vodka the secret).

My gracious thanks as always to the wonderfull crew who make it happen, who give each other the opportunity of creating something beautiful. Thank you:

Marlin, Dick, Linda (Mom), Pat, John, Carl, Mary Ellin

Here's how it looked:

Full View