Rob Bradshaw's Personal Bits and Things


Among other pursuits, I am an officer of the Cardiff Rose. We are a lost bunch of men and women from sometime 400 or so years ago, who have in common fierce individualism and a love of the sword.

Rose Pictures 2003

Dickens 2003 - only one pic so far: Bradshaw's Sweep Debut


I have dabbled many times in more organized (hah!) theatre, including designing and building sets, lights, props, special effects, etc... Most often I have worked with the Masquers Playhouse in Point Richmond.

I have pictures of some of my recent efforts here:

Communicating Doors, Masquers Playhouse

Pack of Lies, Masquers Playhouse

Cinderella Waltz, Masquers Playhouse



1940s Radio Hour, Set Design, Masquers Playhouse, opens 31 Oct 2003

The Three Musketeers, Set Design, Role Players Ensemble, opens January, 2004